Show Review: A Love Like Pi

Last week was one of those full ones with tons of music flowing through the city streets. Interview after interview left me a little burned out. Luckily, an event towards the end of that week helped chill me a bit. I was invited to attend A Love Like Pi’s album release party at The Cutting Room to celebrate their new record ‘III.’ The band was formed and has remained mainly Lief Liebmann’s brainchild with his partnership alongside drummer Christopher LoPorto. It was the perfect way to close the week and I was glad to make it.

I meandered from the west side on a perfectly brisk early summer evening after doing my last interview for a while with the duo Fever High. The sun was just beginning to set and people were leaving their offices to enjoy the night. Taking my time, I stuck to the shade and walked over to the east side. Arriving at The Cutting Room, my first stop was to head over to the main bar to grab a Guinness. I needed one badly. It was finally cool enough outside to drink some dark beer. Despite the fact the rude bartender got on my nerves after ordering my drink, The Cutting Room is musical perfection. All of the walls are decorated with music photographs, famous quotes and other melodic art that sends a wonderful ambiance all the way through. On the ceiling of the main entrance is a spectacular chandelier filled with various guitars all swirling up like a glowing tornado. It was a wild music tavern for fans everywhere.

Finally, the concert hall doors opened and we were allowed to enter. Making my inside, I snagged a table in the back right next to the hors d’oeuvres because I was starving. Following the lead of another starving guest, I piled my plate with as much food as I could. The concert hall is situated like a blend of The Beacon Theater meets the Blue Note with tables all laid out with black tablecloths facing a decent size stage. Along the ceiling there was a Sistine Chapel style portrait with goofy characters all scattered about. It was an unusual but welcomed space for a celebratory show.

Behind the stage was a screen projecting all of A Love Like Pi’s tunes and music videos full of poppy animation. It was an interesting way to welcome guests as they became transfixed with the entertainment at hand. People kept slowly arriving and finding spots sprinkled throughout the main floor and the balcony above. I was amused by a bunch of older gentlemen who must have been the managers of the group, or even just their parents who were eagerly shaking hands with almost every person in the room. Perhaps it was a family reunion? There was a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air.

As the floor became full, a rowdy cheer began and the trio walked on stage. After a brief welcome, they got right into it. The trio was in all black and their rowdy yet powerful music immediately gave the crowd thrills. With Lief’s passionate yells, supported with intense bass licks followed by Christopher’s steady drumming, they were a well tuned machine. Each member had focus and drive with their instruments. After every song, Lief always gave a brief statement confirming his gratitude for the crew that was in attendance that evening. You could tell with his wide grin that he was overjoyed to be performing at this event. They through out all the best stuff, from a white violin to a rapid dance all over the stage. There was even a moment when Christopher lost a drumstick while playing and laughed. He found a way to grab it again and jammed on. Nothing was going to ruin their night. There was not a moment, even in their slow songs, where people were not electrified. It soon became very crowded as more fans and friends clustered together. Hugs and loud hellos reverberated all over the place. Innumerable screams and applause were thrown in around their performance.

A good hour of music persisted followed by an encore for the trio. People were there to see them and new fans were happy with what they heard. A Love Like Pi are well on their way to turning some heads in the music world. If you are curious to hear and see what they are all about, catch them on the road or better yet, grab their new album ‘III’ now! They are a force to be reckoned with.


Jam On.




Lunar Isles – In Any Other


Inner Wave – Mystery


Ovlov – Strokes

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