Show Review: Angie Atkinson


Musicians are notorious for popping up everywhere here in New York City. However, very few leave a lasting impression that piques the interest of a passing listener. Angie Atkinson, a woman of musical renown, was one of those musicians that continues to stop people in their tracks. Earlier in the summer, after visiting Rockwood Music Hall for the hell of it, some music fans got a glimpse of Angie’s voice while she was a member of Cooke. While the music was sublime, people were surely drawn to the wild and captivating antics of Miss Atkinson. As luck would have it, last weekend, Angie was performing her solo work at the same venue and gave listeners everything they needed to start their Friday right.

It was yet another cool Friday evening as the people of New York were starting their weekend escapades. Many took advantage of Rockwood as the prime starting point. For those of the wise, it was the perfect place to be. At Stage 1, the lovely and proud, pink mohawk sporting singer, Angie, was gearing up for an hour of ideal entertainment. Naturally, the woman was all smiles as she set up on stage with her collective entourage of musicians. A good chunk of the band members that night were substitutes for the regulars who were out sick, traveling or simply M.I.A! However, they proved their mettle and kept the music alive just as well.

After a quick tune up, Angie and crew were set to begin. With her male and female backup singers, Grace Bennett and Michael Walker, the snapping of the fingers started off the show. A harmonic magic was unleashed as this smiling woman belched out a soulful voice. Man, from the inception, that voice could travel and be heard beautifully throughout the space. Groovy rock and roll continued onwards with a bass-driven focus from none other than Carl Limbacher from Cooke! Not only was Angie a powerful singer, her stage presence was palpable. Her gracious and expressive hand motions with her songs added onto it all. When she sang, she had a deep stare that gazed across the space into a world purely her own. With her hips shaking with the tunes, listeners could tell that this was a musician who was loving every minute up there.

Richard Emery on guitar sent out some slick guitar licks that had every head bobbing alongside the smooth plucks of the ivories from Dan Crowley. Angie was also not afraid to take advantage of these moments to convey her seductive side as her hands caressed her body with the beats of Max Maples easily setting the mood. Each one of her songs had strong messages, usually of love and sorrow, but Miss Atkinson was hilarious in her re-telling of the inspiration from them all. Needless to say, everyone in that room learned about her a life a bit through her stories.

Clapping folk-rock came into play as the night went on as she began screaming out energetic wails from her voice. It was amazing to hear and watch. Finally, the ukulele was brought out and a bouncy hula oriented folk melody was played. Angie’s winks to her friends in the crowd were fun to admire as the emotional backing continued to take hold in her work. Probably the highlight of the night for new fans was her rendition of Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. Her version of the hit song was that of increased soul and heart. Everything was slowed down so the focus was completely on her wonderful vocals.

At the end of her set she played a song off of her new album in the works, which had a blues-soul feel to it. The show ended in a gospel flair full of intensity and delight. Angie Atkinson is not only a talented musician, but an artist who knows how to work her craft. Her shows are fun and engaging with stories and great music. Follow this woman and get familiar with her tunes, music fans will not regret it.

Jam On.

Photo Credit: Wesley Volcy