Show Review – Aria Jay
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Show Review – Aria Jay

The lady of pink and gold fame is back at it! Brooklynite Alternative R&B musician, Aria Jay, has been hard at work sharing musical goodness to the world this spring and summer. A few months after the release of her EP ‘GROWTH’, of which Punchland did a feature (readers can catch that at this link), Aria has been introducing listeners to snippets of the accompanying visual album. One such example is the powerfully fun video for her track Soar. Listeners can listen and watch the glorious rosy magic here. To add onto that, yesterday the accompanying video for her track Show Me You was also made available to music fans as well, watch it here!

With her videos He Said, Soar and now Show Me You out in the universe, a few more will be popping up in the coming weeks with the full length visual album film to follow. However, for fans who were anxiously waiting for these clips to premiere, some were granted a special treat in seeing the songstress strut her stuff live. Earlier this month, Aria performed a spectacular solo set at Mercury Lounge alongside her contemporaries; Capotal, Rachel Lynn and Feral Fawn. She was also featured in a music showcase at Gold Sounds the subsequent week. Not only were the shows a fantastic unveiling of an intimate performance of songs off her EP, but the musician also introduced some unique debut tracks in pairing with some stellar covers.

At Mercury, Aria was completely in her element. Fans arrived early to catch Capotal’s set and made sure to snag much needed drinks for the upcoming Sunday festivities. Chatter was lively and the vibe was full of eager anticipation. As Capotal finished their energetic set, listeners could spot Aria wandering among friends and family showcasing her new blonde locks while sporting a pair of exquisite golden specs. Note to the reader, this woman is the master of alternating hair styles and has been transitioning her color palette from pink, purple and now blonde over the past year. Who knows where she will go next? Fashion never seems to stop.

Once the mingling ceased, Aria began her quick organization on stage that took no time at all. Utilizing a new solo instrumental layout without a full band, Aria Jay took control with an individual flair putting to use her helpful Roland SPD-SX and keyboard that would pay off tremendously with her sound. She encouraged folks to move closer to the stage and the scattered small groups came together as one to revel in the music to come. One large clump of fans were now up at the edge of the stage enthused for her voice to break through. Finally, the second she started singing, the bodies began to sway with an organic attraction. Her silky and passionate voice carried throughout with smooth vocal strokes. Fans cheered her on and couples held themselves close. If her already captivating musical grace did not seize the audience’s attention, the violet-pink and golden lights that set her body completely aglow did. In an otherwise apt description, her spirit was soaring. Her songs from ‘GROWTH’ and some new self-produced tracks were the highlight of the night.

Aria Jay’s voice is her key instrument while the rest of her musical prowess provide ideal aesthetic support. Each song increased her confidence as time passed. With eyes closed and her light hands fluttering in her own bubble, Aria was winning the crowd over. New listeners were blown away and left the bar beyond the doors to listen intimately with this woman, the same thing happened at the Gold Sounds show a few days later. Aria has that ability to surprise people with her one of a kind voice. Old fans were naturally singing along and loving every minute of it. Focus and attention to detail can be seen as Aria stares out into the abyss that lets her lyrics fly ahead. Her eyes often gazed straight on to maintain her dedication to her craft. The depth of her sound was matched only by the intensity of her lyrical flow. Stories of love, heartbreak, anger and perseverance could be heard and shared. Strength was obvious within her and was involved as this woman took control of her art. Feeling was palpable here. With new songs and covers in hand, her set was entertaining especially with her rendition of Ariana Grande’s Into You towards the end. Tons of cheers bellowed through the space and the room was full of lasting smiles.

Afterwards, Aria set up shop towards the entrance selling her signature pink and gold pins. She offered up her mailing list via an iPad of which many a new fan signed onto. Adoring past and newly present admirers made it their goal to chat with the beaming musician as the night wore on. Conversations lasted deep into the evening and more friendships were made. That is the Aria Jay way right there.

Jam on.

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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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