Show Review: BANDITS
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Show Review: BANDITS

It is with extreme pleasure that I can announce a new music fascination from the crowded music galaxy. Earlier this month a musical group was introduced to my music waves who are called BANDITS. Their latest single, Kill Tonight, was a satisfying tune to enjoy and was what sparked my curiosity in the group. Feeling ambitious, arrangements were made for me to catch the Colorado trio, siblings John and LuLu Demitro along with Andrew Oakley, at The Bowery Electric for an evening of amazing music.

Now, I can say with great contentment that BANDITS were by far my favorite performance of that week. Of all of the bands that I saw during those busy and music-filled days, BANDITS were to be my forth. In total, yours truly was able to enjoy seven great shows by the culmination of this weekend. However, as I write this, BANDITS still hold influence on my mind as something that was truly astonishing amongst it all. Enough talk, let me show you as best I can of what I mean.

Somehow, every time I attend The Bowery Electric it is freezing outside! Yet, the next day it turns out to be warm and wonderful. I guess nature wants the music to warm me up, and it did by leaps and bounds. I arrived downstairs at the venue to a small crowd lingering by the bar, naturally. Quickly snagging a Hoegaarden, I made sure to situate myself right by the balcony to get a good view for the show to come. The stage was set and people were slowly entering the space. BANDITS were to be the first of three performers that night alongside The Kickback and Tall Days. Looking towards the tiny merchandise stand, I secretly admired the wickedly cool BANDITS t-shirts with animal skulls on them. Taking a further look around, it was apparent that the crowd was a mildly older bunch. After that observation, I made sure to stare away at the picturesque David Bowie poster on the wall.

In an instant, the trio finally came out. All of them quickly set up brushing their extremely long hair back as they did. Before we knew it, a rumble of thrash and extreme wails blasted through the amps. It was an exquisite explosion of thunderous music. I was completely in love with their brashness already. Their music was a smack dab in-between punk and blues. However, it was not without a classic rock passion to it all. Every song had some kind of guitar warble thrown in, which made it strangely alluring. I had to classify this genre as some kind of western thrash blues. Even after the very first song, I had to give in to the heavenly mayhem. BANDITS were successful in hooking me straightaway.

An added bonus was that their harmonies were excellently shared through the wail of John’s guitar, LuLu’s bass and Andrew’s drums. The female and male vocals worked well together. Andrew made sure to keep a very strong and constant beat that kept their blues alive. God, I loved it! LuLu’s bass was intense but it all came together in a mesh of pure fervent blues. You had to love her. All three of them were tight together as they played. They got that sweet spot for me even though I could not quite place it in the end. John’s guitar solos were delightful and any blues rocker would have been immensely proud. It is also worthwhile to mention that John’s cowboy boots helped lock in his genuine style. I was surprised the glass in my hand didn’t shatter from the guitar solos. In every song, fast or slow, they managed to keep a certain groove that stuck with the listeners in the space.

John’s professionalism was apparent when the poor guy’s guitar strap fell off. Luckily, crouching down, he kept at it. Andrew’s drums were marvelously powerful and unleashed a captivating beat. I could not help but gasp in sheer wonder at everything they were doing. Most bands have a few songs that are hits. BANDITS, however, were winning the musical game with every song. I never got bored or simply wished for the next song to be played. The moment itself fueled by their raw and addictive talent was sublime. I was completely blown away.

The synths and drums together along with the guitar gave the glamour of this kind of metal blues something to bow down to. I was absolutely flabbergasted. This was something you could claw the wall for in pure agony of enjoyment. I could not see how anyone in The Bowery Electric could hate this music. For example, the guitar solos were intricately played with a dedication to focus and continuous musical exploration. Each member of BANDITS were not afraid to go beyond the given possibility of their music. Each one of them formed in a sense their own musical blues reality. The guitar licks were finger licking good. Their speed was the only thing that matched their skill at their chosen instruments. Towards the final moments of the show, they made sure to end with a flourish of monstrous maniac magic. BANDITS could not be more perfect and I for one am now officially an addicted fan.

Music fans, please for the love of the music world, listen to BANDITS. I promise you, that you will not be disappointed. Although, I must admit, fans must see these performers live to gain the true force of their craft. Only then will you understand the thrill that they can release. They are keeping the blues alive and perhaps are changing the game in the end. BANDITS are true musical pioneers, thank goodness!


Jam On.


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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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