Show Review: Biscuits & Gravy
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Show Review: Biscuits & Gravy

Mother’s Day weekend was a perfect one for some groovy music. With the chilly and wet April ending, the month of May was brought into the fold thanks to the genre of funk. Last weekend, a band made sure to rock in that funky spirit all the way. The band in question is none other than Biscuits & Gravy. Members David Huddleston, Sam RP, Mark “Ghost” Steinert, Bobby Boushe, Mark Ward and Craig Hill lead a purely epic charge that illuminated the night of music at The Lively.

Listeners took a leisurely trek downtown to the hip Chelsea area with a nice breeze from the Hudson. Right on Ninth Avenue, in that small little divot in the streets, was The Lively underground. The downstairs space with the black and white checkered floor was already hot from the music blaring through the room. With its fog machine and giant disco ball, attendees were walking themselves right into disco heaven. The Lively’s old bare brick ceiling obviously retained its old cellar appearance with the already full crowd gathered together. Fans were happily dancing away and had smiles plastered on their faces. On the side, in classic gym bleacher style, couples were contentedly lounging around. Colorful lights were glowing all over the stage and out into the mob.

As the opener began to clear out, the men of Biscuits & Gravy calmly and quietly proceeded to set up their instruments. As they quietly set up, they were still walking through notes and timing on stage with one another. Fans could tell they wanted to make sure all was ready and right for the evening. Surprisingly enough, there was a ton of security lingering around the space with earpieces. Since it was raining, there was an empty plot in the middle of the floor that had a puddle growing from a leak in the ceiling. Nobody wanted to hang there. As an employee mopped up the floor, a glance at the stage revealed what looked like a mini prayer session occurring between David and Bobby. Immediately following, the band were doing jumping jacks and stretching to get warmed up.

Finally, they took things in with a very groovy and suave intro. This transitioned into a bouncing and fun tune. Ghost on the double keys was loud and toned beautifully with the rest of the funk. David’s vocals were smooth and had a perfect mix of rhythm and blues. Craig’s saxophone flowed beautifully into each lyrical alteration. Craig was working hard but jiving all the way. Sam the guitar man was the coolest dude up there wearing his white sunglasses proudly. Out of all the musicians, Mark was totally at ease with his Beats headphones on. Expressionless, he maintained a regular flow of pure blues-funk every step of the way. Bobby on bass kept his composure and let it show that he was the happiest man alive.

Together, they provided sidestepping glory along with their infectious tunes. At least one of them always kept dancing throughout the night. Perhaps they were fueled by the anticipated Friday evening enjoyment? David’s vocals were soulful in every sense of the word. Listeners had to love the fact that every musician up there maintained the disco hype. It was still alive and well. Mr. Huddleston encouraged the crowd to live in it with every moment. Biscuits & Gravy’s music was how every Friday night should begin and last until the morning. It was music for revving up the evening of adventure and possible mayhem, all while doing it with style.

A cacophony of musical pleasure was released into the house. David eventually became the liveliest person with his dances. Even better was when Sam soloed. It was wild and damn cool. David looked on with a grin on his face as he leaned on an amplifier. The rhythm was complete. Fans could not help but sway back and forth all night long. As the evening progressed, the men switched to a big band feel. It was a perfect mix of preaching love and funk. There were a few listeners up front who were loving it and dancing like crazy. Each one was getting low and deep into the vibe of the music. David, who wanted to keep that spirit alive, had the crowd side step along with him. Almost towards the end of the show, the band took a delay with an instrumental piece that still funkified everything. This was when Bobby stole the show front and center.

With rap and soul suddenly being infused later on, couples began some mild grinding. Craig’s solos were focused and totally rock and roll. It was pop and drop sax. Each note was quick and precise. Ghost’s keys mixed in with the flourish were a nice pairing. The band mates were grinning happily with Craig’s solo. When they took it down the bass remained strong and gave a vibrating space to loiter in. Listeners were impressed with the conversion into songs, which was smooth and easy. Even the slow tunes could easily be beefed up for some loud and danceable goodness. The funk heartbeat never stopped. Biscuits & Gravy were allowed an encore at the end, per the fan’s request. Every person in The Lively had their hands waving for the final shot with people standing on benches and tables. That is a successful night right there.

Biscuits & Gravy are one of those bands that really know how to do it. Their signature appreciation of the funk genres is apparent as they attempt to delve into their own path. Each one of the musicians has a talent to make music addicting and completely worthwhile. Fans of good groove and funky pleasure ought to give these fellas a listen and start the summer off right!


Jam On.


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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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