Show Review: Dara Sisterhen

Summer is on its final days. As it so happens, music has not slowed down at all here in the busy streets of NYC. Just last week I was able to attend another show featuring a new musician who has been steadily growing a following. Dara Sisterhen, the blonde bombshell actress who also can wield a guitar and sing like an angel, gave New Yorkers a thrill at The Bowery Electric. It was a peaceful evening made even better by Dara’s musical magic.

Arriving right at 6PM, when she was set to perform, I made the mistake of not checking to see if there were other performers ahead of Dara that night. Two other musical groups were indeed prepared to go before Dara, much to my dismay. The Bowery Electric has a bunch of show spaces scattered about making it a perfect congregation for multiple musical bands and fans. Dara was to rock out in the tiny Map Room located in the back towards the end of the main bar shrouded in black curtains. It was the smallest space yet that I have attended for a show. With a tiny bar to the left and some cushioned seating to the right sported with an old chest for a table, it was a strangely intimate locale. A disco ball spun slowly overlooking the little stage while only a few people lingered in to watch the first performer of the night, Katie Bloom, who gave us an Ani DiFranco style spectacle. I downed a beer and listened.

As Katie finished, I realized that I was starving and proceeded to skip the second act of the Map Room. Wandering the sunny streets to a local Whole Foods, I ate a sandwich to boost my lethargic state of mind for Dara. After I felt satisfied, I meandered back to the Bowery Electric and sat by the main bar waiting for the second to end. Upon entering, the crowd had grown substantially with an eclectic mix of people. Old punk fans with red hair were sitting at the bar eating pizza while two gorgeous soul sisters were chatting vigorously about a heated topic. Awkward college kids sat uncomfortably on their phones either waiting for a date or simply unsure of where the hell they were. Even Dara was there saying hello to everyone in her entourage. She was wearing a beautiful tan one-suit with an open back. She seemed all loose and ready. Smiling all the while, she was extremely happy.

As the second band ended their set, I snuck into the Map Room and seized a good seat to prepare for the show. There was band stuff everywhere from the performers that night. I was surprised I was able to sit. Dara went onstage and began tuning up her guitar with excitement. She had an additional guitarist with her who resembled a young John Lennon. Her first song was from her latest EP, ‘Boom.’ Even though there was still a small crowd, she was into it and performed wonderfully with her angelic and soulful voice. Despite the fact that one speaker made a loud sound early on, she kept entertaining and making everyone laugh.

Her music is great for long and lazy afternoons by the riverside eating and drinking. Her voice also has a dash of Joan Baez with a relaxed vibe attached to it all. There was great duet harmony between her and the guitarist. All of the music had very simple rhythm but was perfect for the chill moments we all need during these slow days. It was thoughtful music. Personally, it was musical art that listeners could get lost in and explore. With her silly dialogue onstage and her big smile, Dara was comfortable and oozed pure confidence. It was attractive and powerful. As her set winded down, there was a reggae style path that started with a summer chick feeling coming through. They both picked it up and bit and ended with a great bang. Everyone applauded and enjoyed yet another great evening of music.

I look forward to seeing where this lady goes. Her unusual spirit and obvious drive onstage will propel her to new heights as she proceeds to conquer this music adventure. Give her a listen and catch her out there to see what I am talking about. Dara will be sure to win your affection and create addictive music for your summer days!


Jam On.


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