Show Review: Katie Buchanan

The holidays are practically here! What better way to celebrate than with some great music? This week I was invited back to Rockwood Music Hall for a Christmassy show starring the talented musician Katie Buchanan. She aptly titled her show “A Completely Non-Denominational Christmas Extravaganza.” It was a simple night of holiday tunes to get everyone ready for the weeks ahead.

A cool sprinkle of rain finally covered the city that evening. If only it was some snow! I arrived a bit early, hoping to snag a good beer, Founders, and spot for the show. However, I had to wait outside Stage three due to a holiday party hosted by none other than Foursquare! Coincidentally, I checked into Foursquare’s Swarm app while there. I chuckled about that for a while. The poor hostesses were anxious for the partygoers to move on out. Luckily, they were just starting to leave and I grabbed my beer. We were allowed to go downstairs after another delay and I was excited because I have never been to Stage three at Rockwood. The ever-glowing red glare on the stairway made it festive all the way down. Upon entering the area, I was greeted by a lovely lady wearing reindeer antlers who offered a bounty of Santa hats, Jingle Bells and holiday cookies! I happily took as much as I could. All of the tables had candy canes and Reese’s scattered about. Stage three is more like a café style space. On stage, there was a grand piano, an upright bass and a drum set on the floor.

Katie’s fellow musicians, Christian Nourijanian, Goh Izawa and Lauren Falls, were decked out in elf attire for the event. Each one of them wore Christmas light necklaces that glowed beautifully in red and green. With Rockwood’s red brilliance, the festive spirit was utilized well. After eventually scoping the rest of the space, I realized that I might have been only one of three other guests there that night. Maybe the rain and the Foursquare peeps scared fans off? It was awkwardly silent when the radio over play going through the transition between songs. Despite the light crowd, the band was calmly chatting with one another.

Katie took the stage with two drinks in hand professionally welcoming us and took it away. Her soft and somber plucking of the acoustic guitar was paired beautifully with her soulfully angelic voice. Katie really put her heart into it. She was determined to make the night worthwhile. Goh on the drums clamored right in to give her music a fantastic beat. I loved Lauren who was the epitome of all things elf-like that night with her flannel and hat. Lauren was always smiling and was simply gorgeous on the bass. Katie’s voice still sailed through the music overhead. Having a talented piano player like Christian was also a nice touch that gave the current of the music a smooth vibe. Katie’s band mates had their roles down. Miss Buchanan was eagerly sipping her drinks. As she continued to play on, the emotions shown on her face made her passion for the music crystal clear. Miss Buchanan’s music provided a great rock beat that was equally supported by her lyrics. Her skill on the guitar was apparent and I liked how her acoustic guitar really shone through.

Lovely Lauren also played the upright bass in-between songs. She was wild on that instrument! Her fingers were always on the move. Katie had a good banter with her friends in the audience at the end of each song. Her voice was her musical weapon here. Although her guitar was her dual proponent, her vocals were what rang out the best.

The crowd increased by three people when the blues sound came out. With eyes closed Katie let her voice be heard with all its vigor. Might I even go so far to say that there was a hint of jazz infused there? Her music blurred the line between blues and jazz with her solos. I later found out that her colleagues on stage were mainly jazz musicians. Christmas songs popped up throughout the show and matched up well with her singing. You had to admire the talented musicianship from this woman. Everything was very well done, save for the strange guy who fell asleep in the back. Way to hang in there Katie and crew.

Well, there are only a few more days until the holidays are in full swing, but thanks to Katie Buchanan, we were able to feel it a bit early. I am curious to see how this musician progresses and what new magic she can bring for the New Year. Give her a listen folks and enjoy!


Now, all I need to make my wishes come true is some Star Wars!


Jam On.




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