Show Review: Little Children

It is always a treat when music and fashion come together. As part of New York’s Fall Fashion Week, Tictail Market unveiled a showing of Cornelia Webb’s new line as well as the dreamy pop of Little Children. For fans of fashion and music, it was a nice relaxing part of the week.

Tictail Market, the stylish and urban pop-up shop in the Lower East Side was soaking in the rays of the final hours of a lovely Thursday night. Inside the shop were various styles of jewelry, clothing and miscellaneous items ideal for the urban elite. Of course, for the common man/woman free beer and wine was another drawing point in it all. To gain the best experience of the event, make sure to snag a seat on the comfy old couch by the front of the store. Simply stay put and enjoy the people watching of models, designers and friends mingle with enjoyment. Another added bonus is to bob the head to the DJ set up on the cashier counter as well. For comedy, keep an eye on the poor staff who had to keep a kind old lady from taking all of the empty bottles from the event to recycle from the streets. Sitting in a live action museum of sorts, people were chatting happily and taking photos whenever they could. Of course, poses came naturally to many.

Little Children, the moniker of Swedish musician Linus Lutti, was quietly sipping a beer in a snazzy grey suit as he wandered about both inside and out with his entourage. Once the mingling commenced to its peak, Linus began to tune up his guitar in the middle of the room. A slight ring formed around him and cheers began as he introduced himself. He took things off with a twangy riff intermingled with the chatter of the room, which somehow worked alongside the ambiance. His addition of echoed vocals gave his music a trance-like feel. The music was perfect for the venue as street noise from the open door came through. People passing by stopped to look in the windows and take snapshots of the musician working his magic.

Every bit of his music was a mix of relaxed and mellow rock. Where there was calming chords, a soulful amount of emotion was heard in his voice as he furrowed his brows passionately with eyes closed. Towards the end of his short set, a grinding guitar riff was heard to unveil a ethereal vibe as this man became the busking musician of fashion. An added harmonic effect on the microphone prompted some listeners to sway as they took swigs from their drinks. In the end, his deep feeling and folksy appeal worked well with the finality of the event.

Although Little Children’s set was a short one that night, the man is always on the move with his music. Keep an ear and eye out for this guy and catch him at the next fashion/concert event. The music will be enjoyable and the space sure to be a tight one.

Jam On.  


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