Show Review – Lizzo
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 30: Lizzo performs onstage at Lane Bryant Presents #ImNoAngel Powered By Pandora featuring Lizzo on November 30, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Pandora)
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Show Review – Lizzo

December is finally here and with it, the festive celebrations to follow. However, for some the celebrations started a bit early and with their full effect thanks to the folks at Pandora Radio and Lane Bryant who invited the musical talent Lizzo to rile up New York City listeners. Lizzo made the entry into the holiday spirit soar with ease and critical satisfaction. She won over new fans and made her current ones fall in love with her all over again. It was simple perfection from start to finish.

With only a slight coolness in the city last Thursday night, fans quickly congregated with peppermint hot chocolates in hand. The lines outside of The Cutting Room were wrapped around the building and intense anticipation was in the air. Folks walking by sated their curiosity by peeking through the doors past the bouncers to attempt to snag a glimpse of the event to come. When the time finally came to enter the venue, listeners were treated to free champagne and access to several photo opportunities to savor the moment. Scattered throughout the room were high tables with violet bouquets of flowers and glowing Pandora and Lane Bryant adverts on the table cloths. People collected themselves around these tables while some wise fans made their way straight to center stage to claim their ideal spot. Swirling rays of reds and blues illuminated the floor and the chatter overwhelmed the space. A small stage stood smack dab in the middle and allowed for an intimate viewing fans rarely have a chance to partake in. It was hard not to absorb the endless excitement that permeated the air with the smiles and dancing. There was a liveliness and a sense of optimism at every corner. The slogan #I’m No Angel was shown on the DJ booth and would be the mantra of the night. Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ played over the radio and that only added onto the thrill as fans sang along together.

Finally, the lights dimmed and cheers erupted alongside the twinkling lights that unveiled Lizzo and her stunning dancers. Lizzo’s captivating grin and obvious glee was felt immediately with all who gazed upon her. She took things off right away with her anthemic power all decked out in white. Her dancers beside her matched and had pink pom-poms in their hair as they twirled and twerked. Her music was complete with solid attitude as she channeled her pride into her lyrics. Her vocals were only matched with the unwavering energy she conveyed with every beat from her lovely DJ Sophia Eris. Sassy dance moves in total synchronization amplified her vocals as they reached the listeners ears with a reverberating glamor. Her performance skill on stage was high from the inception and listeners reveled in that glory. While most of her music is full of poppy rhythm and blues, the smooth silkiness of the fire was the key attraction to her tunes. Her fans often mimicked her dances and shared their strength with shouts of praise every step of the way. Her music promoted feminism with a focus on personal self-respect. With that message relayed throughout, people aligned their power with hers and welcomed it. When Sophia joined in on some songs, her astonishing singing speed and dances added onto the already impressive Lizzo flair. Cheers never stopped and with good reason. When Lizzo chanted her psalms to the crowd they chanted right with her.

Lizzo’s confidence soared and the vigor of her show was wonderfully intact. Duel singing banter with the crowd and Sophia enhanced her ability to make that connection beyond just the lyrics of her music. Lizzo made her music part of the overwhelming communal element within. Her movement was palpable as her music pushed her onwards and provided that added muscle of female brawn. The show was rapid fire entertainment with little to no time to breathe. Then again, fans were expecting this. Action and sublime fun were the goals of the hour. Hand signs and simple flow revealed a sweet side that often was taken over by the feminine force of the modern day woman. Lizzo even surprised people with her original rendition of Hold Up and owned it in her own style that was soulful with a punch. A fan was lucky enough to be invited on stage and danced her heart out with Lizzo and her crew. As an added bonus, the actress Danielle Brooks joined them up there too and garnered even more cheers and admiration from the audience. Towards the end of the spectacle Lizzo made a quick costume change into her signature wedding dress for Truth Hurts. Her dancers and they all threw bouquets out into the screaming crowd of hands eagerly reaching out for more. Of course, tequila followed as Lizzo poured shots in the lucky few’s glasses in the front row who sipped away with surprised enjoyment!

Self love and ceaseless pride in oneself is what started the show off and is what stayed with people long after it ended. Lizzo’s performance rocked Manhattan and was superb for music lovers. Jubilation was the peak emotion as the audience cleared out of The Cutting Room while they snagged their free white #I’m No Angel Lane Bryant t-shirt. What a way to start the season right. 

Jam on.

Give Truth Hurts a watch and a listen below:

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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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