Show Review: Marco with Love
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Show Review: Marco with Love

Is anyone else suffering the brisk cold of New York City? To be honest, it is a nice change that has brought out the best in everyone in the music world. Listeners have happily flocked to various venues in the hectic metropolis for the warmth and satisfaction of some whiskey and music. To follow their lead, I did just the thing last weekend to attend a spectacular show at The Bowery Electric starring the musicians Marco with Love.

As a human icicle, I proudly may my way downtown to The Bowery Electric eagerly awaiting a nice drink. Upon my arrival I was guided to head on down to the basement stage. With a grin on my face, I slowly headed downstairs to a loud ruckus of musical mayhem. Brushing away the black curtain covering the stage entrance, I was greeted with cheers and a substantial crowd who were already full into their evening. Grabbing a Guinness, it was fun to peer throughout the dark and overcrowded space at the faces of the listeners. A disco ball powerfully hung on the ceiling overlooking the rocking Fondude. After they finished, with epic proportions, fans had to love the thumping radio overplay before the next act, The Hate My Day Jobs. Unfortunately, I arrived after The Boobies performed, but luckily they would not be far away, more on that later.

Listeners walked to a fro with a variety of fans popping up here and there for each band. It was quite a diverse atmosphere of folks. When Marco with Love arrived, they calmly set up on the small stage overlooking the neon sign that read the venue’s namesake. The current members, Marco Argiro, Subodh Samudre, Daniel Sampfel and Peter Landi were professionals all the way and they took no time setting up. Blaine O’Brien was not there that night. However, each musician seemed relaxed and ready. They were completely in some kind of zone that fans will not understand. Eventually, they immediately took it off rocking, as they know best. The crowd was large on the balcony, which was cleverly positioned near the bar. Vibrations soared through us all as Marco did their thing. They seemed to be hard rockers with power in their lead’s flair. Mr. Argiro with dressed in a cowboy-esque style reminiscent of Jon Voight’s Midnight Cowboy.

The bass thump from Subodh kept pumping and was brought back and forth thanks to the wails of the guitar from Marco himself. I particularly enjoyed Daniel’s magic on the baritone saxophone and how it paired nicely with Peter’s drumming. It was a pleasant addition and provided some swift soul into the music. The puffs of the sax came out nicely in every way. Everyone was so into it. Throughout the night I kept thinking that classic rock and roll would be proud of Marco with Love’s skill. All the while during every set that night, and for Marco, The Boobies all remained dancing up in front of the stage. It was easy to hear why with the excellent wails and dominant vocals from the crew. Marco with Love provided advanced doo-wop for the modern age music fanatic. Tunes from these guys were a blend of rockabilly, punk and classic rock. What somber preparation was there was instantly erased after they unleashed their perfect musical range.

Despite a guitar wire getting caught in the mic, Marco was calm and professional in his goal of performing a great show. His over amped voice brought back an old school vocal assortment. He never stopped trying to get the crowd amped up, which they often responded in kind. They were doing their thing but at times it felt they were overthinking some point of the show. As the night progressed, the crowd dwindled. I had to admire their professionalism. For example, even when they started off with a rough chord, they easily came back into the groove they were aiming for. With a kick of the leg, Marco was totally compelled to give into the night. He made sure to honor the warble that made all of the music appealing. The guitar solos were pure ear candy for the listeners of The Bowery Electric. It was a night of never ending pulse of rock and tones. Eventually, toward the end of the evening, Mr. Samudre came out on the floor to mosh with The Boobies for a few seconds. Everyone had to smile at that. Marco with Love made sure to end with some epic anthemic tunes and brought the crowd out to dance for love.

For those of you who are looking for a good distraction during this strange yet exciting winter, Marco with Love will be sure to help you. In fact, below you find their latest music video which is nothing but wonderful. Watch and enjoy the tunes.


Jam On.

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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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