Show Review: Meghann Wright

What a wild week it has been! Summer mornings and evenings have suddenly changed into fall weather. Not that I am complaining because the coolness is well received. To keep that cool flow going I went downtown to check out a new artist on the scene. Via an invite, I made my way to the Mercury Lounge to listen to Meghann Wright work her magic.

2009 was the last time I had a chance to visit the Mercury Lounge. It actually was an interesting evening. A friend of mine invited me to attend a Xylos show, and we helped them as roadies that night. However, unbeknownst to me, my friend was underage and was not allowed in the venue. Even though we snuck in, the lady checking IDs found her and promptly kicked us both out. I laughed it off and was glad I got to see Xylos play a few songs.

Returning to the space years later after a rather glum day, I was excited to have a music boost. I entered the space and paid my $12 fee and snagged a water at the bar. It was too hot for a beer that night. Finding a nice comfortable spot in the venue on the red cushioned booths, I sat and observed. The space was extremely loud and dark with a full stage. A small lingering crowd was scattered about the floor and the main bar was full of people talking away. When Meghann and crew wandered across the floor to reach the stage, the bassist did a funny little walk up the steps. That brought smiles and chuckles from their friends. Meghann’s band is a simple four-piece with talent all around. Other than the songstress rocking to vocals and guitar there is also the man with the dreads Andrew Nesbitt on Drums, the hip Eva Lawitts on Bass and the epic Todd Louis on the wailing guitar. Together they were set to provided a special sound of country folk rock.

Meghann took to the center stage and welcomed everyone with a wave out to the crowd. She was just plain happy to be there. They opened with a honky tonk style song that prompted people to slowly linger in from the main bar. Meghann is an intently focused musician. Throughout the show she kept very still while her peers were dancing and bobbing away on stage. Andrew’s dreads were flailing everywhere with his impressive beats. In fact, his drumming vibrated the entire place. Eva was confidently swaying back and forth with her bass. Probably the most energized of the group was Mr. Louis. Todd was on fire up there with his hair going all over the place. He was completely in the moment and had a sort of Mumford style flamboyance. I loved it.

Meghann Wright’s voice employs a sort of seductive country influence to it all. Along with a nice rhythm of her band, she provides a trace of originality with her yodel–like vocals. Meghann’s wild red hair was a flowing as she played on. She was sporting a nice relaxed black attired. Her dress with lovely tights supported by powerful boots gave her rebel flair. She was a female rocker for the NYC night. When she screamed that was when the real intensity of this woman came out. She cut loose after her belching yells. When it all got real quiet, listeners could really hear her voice. She has a perfect and smooth voice reminiscent of a female Roy Orbison, complete with somber and sweet tones.

As her band winded down their set, their sound changed a bit. I sensed a Traveling Wilbury’s theme here. Their collective chorus and synergy with their instruments prompted this attraction. Meghann even began to share a chorus with Andrew with her scratchy scream to follow. To end, they played once last slow song with a guitar solo similar to Tuesday’s Gone by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Meghann Wright and team are great and will be working their stuff for some time. I urge you all to give her a listen and enjoy the thrill within. Take a break and enjoy!


Jam On.




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