Show Review: The Phryg


Whether music fans are melting or bursting into flames this summer, the tune season remains cool and alive. Bands from all over the globe are converging for the summer madness. One such crew is local and is a prime example of the top caliber of talent that is out there. The Phryg, no strangers to past notoriety, gave listeners a celebration this past week at DROM alongside their contemporaries Mister F and Think. Members Collin Patierno, Bryan Walters, Mike Kirchhofer and Chris Plietz were celebrating their new self-titled album release, “The Phryg.” Each one of them definitely made the night a memorable one.  

For folks who like to have a drink before heading over to DROM, the place to go is Proletariat for some ideal craft brews. After indulging on the chill goodness, the trek to DROM is an easy one. DROM is an awesome cellar venue. Complete with high ceilings and old architecture posters, the place oozes hip. Each pillar throughout the space has metallic instruments decals plastered everywhere. It is the perfect lounge-style rock bar. Be sure to snag a cushioned booth and order another round of drinks for the ideal musical experience. While listeners waited patiently, the crew of The Phryg tuned up for a bit. During this time the gaze of most patrons turns to the classy chandeliers and disco ball on the ceiling. It it also hard not to admire the classic granite bar nearby.

Before The Phryg finally began, they tried to get people hyped up and immediately started their thing with some with hard funk. Hello Miss, which just had its music video released not too long ago, was the first song of the night. Collin totally had a nice bouncy twitch to it all as he did his role nicely. It is worth noting he sported a lovely bow-tie for his attire, staying classy as he should. The flow after Hello Miss turned into a slow jam blues-funk. Mike was bouncing along with pleasure with his eyes closed all the while. He had an inner beat completely his own bobbing his head happily. He simply was the funkiest guy alive. Bryan sang within a calm graceful groove. However, the man who often stole the show, Chris, was funky and provided constant jaw-dropping shock with his work on the keys. His pluck of the ivories was sublime to say the least.

Each one of them had intense focus as they played on. Almost every song had addictive and groovy organ tune that was so much better live. On top of that, Chris repeatedly provided excellent solo bits that caused the audience who were talking to stop and stare. Within the overflow of amps, The Phryg made the night their own. Each listener was obsessed and always quieted down for the wailing keys. Fans could not get enough of the solos from the keymaster.

Blues-funk was the element of the evening. With each lingering twang of funk, slow bits of jazzy notes were heard too. There were even moments where The Phryg unveiled some great roots that turned straight into a full on jam session. It was welcomed across the board. Transitions continued as a psychedelic, southern blues-rock vibe peeked its wonderful head. Basically, they had funk with a southern feel backing it. The crowd was pleasantly pleased as cheers resonated throughout the space. All of the songs were long and enjoyable jam sessions with folk, blues, funk and jazz all blended at different intervals. Their recorded tunes were never truly the same animal when in a live show. A five minute studio recording turned into a 10 minute live adventure as more improvisation of the music was developed. It was an ambitious endeavor to explore. They succeeded in every way. Even the slow jams were relaxing and urged listeners to drift off in copious thought. Harmonies flowed nicely with each lead taking control for the ultimate Phryg experience.

Towards the end of their set, Bryan had a nice and slow bass solo that had a solid thump of soul. It was a positive pairing with Chris’ keys. They all built off one another impeccably. One of the last songs had the crowd singing along with such power. As they finished the cheers continued as the men of The Phryg took some shots. It was an unforgettable evening. Everyone needs to see The Phryg this summer, worth every penny.

Check out their new album below:

Jam On.