Show Review: RYNO

Spring has arrived and with it some wonderfully fun music to dance to. Nobody wants to hear tunes about sadness or songs that keep listeners glued on the spot. With the sun shining and the desire to explore the great outdoors, RYNO is the musical solution to all of it. Last week he made sure unleash the poppy goodness at Pianos for a group of listeners who were more than happy to partake.

Entering Pianos’ show room all adorned with an everlasting red glare, listeners sipped their cold beers and lingered by the old stools scattered about. Feet were tapping along with the hip-bouncing funk playing over the radio. RYNO along with his two band mates Rodney Flood and Jeff Jarvis wasted no time setting up. All of the lights dimmed and almost immediately, the trio began to perform their musical skills.

Everything started off with a powerful bass from Jeff and RYNO drumming on a separate transparent drum tandem with Rodney. Jeff kept that plucking bass thump alive as RYNO operated the synths all the while rocking the denim vest. Rodney proudly sported his Flash t-shirt as he maintained the heartbeat of the night with his eyes closed. RYNO made sure to keep the vocals loose with the paired drumming from Rodney at the same time. Jeff had the Jim Henson beard of a true musician and was completely relaxed with his bass. As they began to play, the music was empowered by an ever-glowing fluorescent trip by the stage lights.

It was impressive seeing RYNO switch between drums and synths throughout the performance. His gaze remained fixed at the ceiling in deep musical bliss. As their show progressed, young fans had a little step dance that caused the rest of the space to jump right into it. Listeners were lost in a tranquil funk and the daze of the evening’s musical pleasure. Each one of the musicians were just as happily lost in their funky rock as the crowd. Listeners had to loved the sync with both drums, especially with RYNO’s transparent glowing drumsticks. RYNO further conveyed his passion as he often got down on his knees to preach the good word of pop. His voice flowed with echoes and to prove it, the crowd sang along with him as he came out to the audience to get the hype up.

People slowly moved up front as the bass and synths paired beautifully to create an unusual form funk-pop. RYNO brought out a megaphone that altered his voice a bit in a robotic and funky way. The whole basis of RYNO’s music is around the theme of great optimistic music that people can dance to easily. Rodney sang away to a pumped chorus that the people kept wild with their chants of approval. Eventually, the crew brought up trumpet player Joel Mega to jam with them. That was when the poppy pleasure hit its peak. Joel unleashed a nice putter of intermittent pieces that slid tight into RYNO’s continuous glory. There was a lot of soul up there among the musicians. The music shifted to a jazzy-pop feel with the slow jams and the trumpet as the focus.

As the night ended, a line up of attractive female fans stole a bit of the show away with their dancing up front. RYNO was no stranger to unveiling some inspirational and thinking tunes. These moments would have been perfect for a movie soundtrack when the story arc shifts for the main character. It was equally amazing to watch the striking transition among keys and synths. Fans loved the interplay between the two drummers. RYNO and Rodney provided an entertaining dual vocal role that only enhanced their show. Viewers could tell each one of them was having a ball together. During the last few songs, the crowd joined up in clapping. However, right before the end, there was a slight technical difficulty with the drums but all worked out. They were professionals. Tons of loyal fans were confidentially jiving among the final songs. RYNO, Rodney and Jeff surprised the audience with their own glowing drumsticks they used on each other’s instruments in a somewhat humorous way. It was the perfect way to finish their set!

RYNO and crew are the people listener’s need for these great spring and going onto summer days. With each song, the optimism and thought provoking messages will refuel the days of adventure. Give RYNO a listen and join the fun, its well worth every moment.


Jam On.





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