Show Review – Sarah Blasko
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Show Review – Sarah Blasko

Has spring officially arrived here in New York City? Well, at least the seasonal music vibes have! After the excitement of Coachella and the anticipation of the upcoming summer, listeners are eager for an escape into music. Luckily, the land down under sent Sarah Blasko to bring those creative gifts to light. Rockwood Music Hall, always a safe haven for musicians far and wide, was the place to be this week while Sarah was in town.

At the start of the week, those gorgeous spring nights welcomed listeners on the city streets. Many took their time to close their eyes and breathe in the breezy gusts that flew through mixing in with the blossoming flowers. As the sun slowly set, a sense of temporary calm took over. It was a respite even if for just a minute. There was even a surprise soundtrack fueled by street musicians as listeners walking along Orchard Street to the venue at Stage Three. It was to be a sublime evening music.

When fans finally arrived at the venue, there was little to no wait to check in. After getting stamped listeners clambered down the dark abyss to the ever-red glowing Stage Three. The place was already full with a mingling crowd of couples and friends. Chatter overwhelmed the space and smiles were aplenty. Listeners had their drinks handy and were ready for some musical goodness to follow. That moment came right on time without delay.

Sarah entered the room via the back door that lead to the green room and radiated a smile right off the bat. Sarah sported a lovely robe with a pattern of colored human figures scattered throughout. She made her way straight to the piano and situated herself comfortably with the briefest of pauses. It was the deep breath before the plunge. Stage Three became exquisitely quiet save for the radio that played itself out in a long fade. Applause then welcomed Sarah and she began with a soft introduction. Velvety piano plucks started the whole bit with a duel play with a synth keyboard above. Her signature instrument, her voice, stole the show and her alluring grace was the only thing that matched. Subtle yet poignant hand gestures became a staple in her performance. They rose and fell in full ballerina aplomb. It was captivating to watch as they always went along with the music at hand.

Her vocals ranged all over the place with soothing echoes that worked beautifully in the space. They held a certain sway with the audience as if a sudden gasp could appear at any moment. Sarah’s yells were something to marvel at. Each time she hit those notes, she somehow pierced the air. Every bit of her vocal range was stretched to the limit for full listening pleasure. Sarah also mastered the art of keeping the audience involved as she stared out to them as she sang. It was an intimate inclusion that made her lyrics resonate with the people in attendance. They were a part of it even if they did not know it. Sarah’s eyelids clamped closed every time she shouted into the microphone and her jaw muscles flexed with musical athleticism. Everyone could easily be roused by this woman in her use of vocals and synth play. Visually, the avid expressions just added onto the electric orchestration. Groovy bass sounds emanating from her synth and the electric opera could begin without hesitation or complaint.

New songs from her latest album, ‘Depth of Field’, rounded out the second half of her set. It was mostly a flow of electric grooves that was supported by loops and her guitar playing. It was all catchy and had the crowd swaying in their seats. When the loops were played from her synth, they permeated the room and kept that energy alive. Some of her music even shifted to electric soul as her breadth in her vocals expended to deep emotion. Fans could not keep their eyes off of her as she positioned herself into even more bodily gestures fit for a piece of performance art made available for copious interpretation. Bouncing along with her own music, it was easy to get caught up in it as well. When she returned to the piano, the mix of the ivories with the bass loops were a perfect blending of sounds. She found a composition that seemed to develop a creative mesh in between folk and electronica. Who knew they would be a great marriage?

As the night came to a close for Sarah’s set, a somber glow took over. She stood at the mic and utilized a royal glamour with her poses and vocals. She was an enjoyable eclectic genre explorer. For observers of art, volumes could be written up on the use of Sarah’s own sign language as it matched her music. What could she be saying between the lines of her lyrics? It was a mystery that could only be solved by each his or her own mind. It was the ideal night to get lost in thought and revel in it all just the same.

Jam on.

Give Sarah Blasko a listen below:

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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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