Show Review: Skunkmello

Summer fun is right around the corner as June 21st quickly approaches. However, listeners at Rockwood Music Hall got those summer feelings well in advance last Friday night. A wild and entertaining group, Skunkmello, were the perpetrators of sheer good music and happy times. The fellas were celebrating the release of their latest album ‘Hot Chicken‘ which epitomizes their wonder.  

Stage Two was already a bustle of intense activity with people chatting each other up with the fuel of weekend splendor ahead of them. Friends and family were constantly greeting one another in what looked like a mini reunion. Smiles were plastered on every face and drinks in every hand. The fellas of Skunkmello, Matt Bartlett, Ed Cuervo, Jono Ori and Jason Holt, were all clad in relaxed weekend attire and wasted no time as they took things off in a great way.

Their music began with uplifting Friday night rock and roll. Simple and sweet. Immediately, a clear southern rock feel came flowing out among the musicians. With a surprise, the crowd already began to dance and shake their bodies. Whatever Skunkmello played, the audience usually replied in kind with cheers and energetic dance moves. As the fans all bounced in unison, Skunkmello’s trademark chorus of harmonies echoed throughout Rockwood. Each one of the men up in the red glare of the Rockwood stage brought the classic rock feel to 2016. It was classy and a worthwhile focus on the musical medium.

Guitar solos all around were ripe with the rumble of blues rock. However, Skunkmello rarely stayed true to just one genre that evening. What often started off in a southern blues rock atmosphere shifted to a honky tonk flair of enjoyable tunes. The quick transitions proved that the men never wanted to stop and were adamant on keeping the excitement alive in the space. Fans had to love and respect the old school musical vibe that oozed through each one of the four musicians. Rockabilly was thrown in there too for good measure and was thoroughly enjoyed.

Skunkmello’s harmonies were on point and added a certain summer festival appeal for the season. Guests would want these men for their outdoor picnic bash. Hell, keep them around for all four seasons, they could provide tunes for fall, winter and spring. The men of Skunkmello really never stopped playing. Older ladies in the crowd began a little bit of step dancing as the night waned on. The crowd definitely emulated their optimistic and soaring vibes. People who had no idea who these guys were must have had a smile on their face upon entering Rockwood. There was no way music fans could not enjoy their majestic tunes! Eventually, the audience began to sing along proudly. This was the perfect way to welcome in the summer a few weeks early.

As their set came to a close, Skunkmello made sure to keep things cool and fun at the same time. There was never a dull moment, even in their slower songs. By the end of the night, the house was packed with adoring old and new fans alike. With audience participation, clapping began and a epic car racing tune blared out from that stage. Musically, these men are on top of their game and that evening was proof of their ambitious mettle.

A band’s success can be measured in many ways. Examples include, ticket, album and even merchandise sales. However, in this case audience appreciation was the key. People clap at the end of songs because it honors the musicians and is simply polite. Skunkmello on the other hand received applause because they deserved it. Their music, enthusiasm and pure skill is a grace that is welcomed in the musical arts. Skunkmello will be leaving a lasting impression wherever they go. On that note, music fans should take a moment and revel in the glory that is Skunkmello.

Jam On.



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