Show Review: Sky White Tiger
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Show Review: Sky White Tiger

Last week I had a surprisingly unexpected show to attend that I absolutely enjoyed. I was fortunate enough to see a local NYC based synth-pop artist, Sky White Tiger, who was celebrating his Child of Fire Tour Launch party at The Slipper Room, sponsored by Tirado Whiskey. Check out Sky White Tiger’s Don’t Matter Much from his most recent “Child of Fire LP”. The former Polyphonic Spree member was kicking off his world tour right here in NYC. It was a great night out filled with good music and drinks!

To give you all a little background, Sky White Tiger was founded by musician and producer Louis Schwadron in 2009. He has since then toured and performed alongside renowned artists, including: Radiohead, David Bowie, Elton John, Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear, The National, St. Vincent and was a member of Rufus Wainwright’s band. The repertoire for ths guy is astounding.

On a nice cool evening I took the subway downtown to witness this highly anticipated show. I arrived at The Slipper Room and walked upstairs to the stage area and was immediately greeted by representatives of Tirado Whiskey who gave me a complimentary red ticket for a free Tirado Whiskey shot! I’ve Got a Golden Ticket started playing in my head. I wasted no time and went to bar and per the bartender’s recommendation got a shot of Tirado Corn Whiskey MoonShine! It hit the spot and was strong stuff. I was very happy. The slipper Room is a small space with a lounge area and a tiny stage. It’s actually a Burlesque theater where patrons can watch variety shows from the main floor or mezzanine above. With its dense dark space, it had club lounge vibe going on.

There was a sparsely older crowd in their 30s to start. I grabbed a seat in the back with the feeling that space would become tight as the night wore on. All of the windows had their curtains down which made it even darker in the room. Up on the ceiling a disco ball was spinning and strangely enough a small TV by the stage was playing weird Cabbage Patch Kids cartoons. It was at this time when I noticed this gorgeous woman lingering by the windows closest to the stage. She was clad in a stunning and beautiful white outfit that caught everyone’s eye. She looked classy yet free. As the crowd began to grow, they got loud and cheerful. I had a feeling that this was where the hip people came.

To my astonishment, it turns out the gorgeous lady I was admiring was opening the show for us! Angélica Allen is known as My Midnight Heart and won me over in an instant. She kept a silly, love-struck smile on my face during her whole set. Her music was intense synth rock. Imagine Janelle Monáe meets Daft Punk. Angélica was full of soulful movements that had everyone inspired. At times it looked like her performance was fueled by musical sign language funk. She serenaded us for a good long while as the crowd really began filling up the space. Many people were waiting patiently by the side. Angélica had an amazingly powerful voice. People could not look away from her. I loved her vocal harmonies and how she was able to blend them in perfectly with her music, which was combined with infective beats. As she finished her set she smiled and gave us a wave. Luckily, it would not be the last of her that night.

After a very short wait, our headliner and star of the night came onstage. The curtains were lifted and a tripped out DJ booth was unveiled. Behind was the band and there were projected images of various creatures and things on the back wall. Throughout the performance there were projections of images such as grass growing, reflections of the water and waves. That flow stayed the same all night long. Sky White Tiger came out and immediately began playing a French horn. Louis looked like a hip Kenny G. He and the band looked like they were from outer space all in white attire. He played his sounds from a booth that had an upside down triangle insignia on the front. He was wearing a glitter shirt underneath a white sport coat. The band got right down to it with their lingering guitar solos and enduring beats. I loved it and his singing was simple yet ideal for the music he was making. When he came to the edge of stage, he was beckoning to us all. The guitar plucked us into his music. This was some intensely gnarly stuff. He was just so ecstatic up there. About halfway through his set, my lovely Angélica came back out! She would stay up and perform with Louis for the remainder of the show. Louis not only had great music but also conveyed a lot of performance art in his work. He held up a cat mask. At one point and used it like a puppet Hamlet style. After that interesting show, the triangle insignia lit up to a bunch of rainbow colors. Louis brought out the French horn again before he began preaching a mantra with his white bass.

I was blown away by the evening’s art and musicianship of both Sky White Tiger and My Midnight Heart. They were perfect for that night and I can proudly say, I would love to see them rock their stuff again. Plus, now that I have a celebrity crush on Angélica, it just seems like the natural thing to do. Sky White Tiger will be continuing his tour so you can all try and catch him on the road. Live out the experience I did and enjoy it. You will be pleased!


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Written by Myles Hunt

Music fan, simple and sweet.

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