Show Review: The Dodos

Well, it has been a while, folks. Took some time down south in lovely Naples, FL to chill on the beach for a bit with the ‘rents. Believe me, it was well needed. However, upon my return to NYC I was granted a wonderful surprise! I was invited to attend a show that almost slipped under my radar. A band I have recently been jamming to was set to perform that weekend as the opener for the band Mew. They are called The Dodos, and are made up of two extremely energetic musicians, Meric Long and Logan Kroeber. Between the duo, a real talent and invigorating sound was released that evening.

It was a perfect crisp and cool autumn nightfall, or else it simply felt that way after the heat of Florida the week prior. Maybe it was also the last breeze of hurricane Joaquin? I love coming back to old venues, especially Webster Hall. For those of you who have never been, it is basically a level upon level of continuous music. No matter where you turn, there is a band rocking the place. One of my secret pleasures is going to the bathroom in between sets to check out the tunes blaring from the lower level also known as the Studio. Even though I prefer the main stage (much cleaner and more refined), it is still nice to explore.

Upon entering the space, particularly enjoying the blown up jack-o-lanterns on the awning outside of Webster and suffering a condescending encounter with the ticket lady, a dark and very chill vibe was felt throughout the concert floor. In fact, it even felt cooler inside. Did the place get new giant fans? There was already a solid crowd formed around the stage, bar and balcony. I was impressed; usually openers do not get this many eager peeps. Staring at the purple glare that lingered on the stage and instruments, I realized that this was the real first fall show for me. This thus starts off my fall series!

There was almost a slow brooding and somber feel as the crowd waited for the duo amongst the ever-endless chatter. Although many were there for Mew, I got the feeling that they also were familiar with The Dodos and their tunes. The green room above the stage, adjacent to the balcony, had its shades open for once. Frequently they are closed with an intermittent peek here and there. It looked like there was nobody inside until someone eventually appeared as a brief silhouette. I love the bacon decal on the balcony. I know I mention it every time, but I get so hungry looking at it…

People were getting free posters in the crowd by the wall for Mew that followed with a delayed applause once the duo of The Dodos arrived. They wasted no time and jumped right into it. Logan’s drums were amplified over Meric’s guitar riffs sometimes creating a chaotic but enjoyable swirl of music. Boy, the first guitar Meric played was old and had a lot of character. The Dodos provided an excellent and vibrant beat from early on. Meric was constantly singing between two microphones the whole time. From time to time, the two men had goofy grins on their faces. They were obviously enjoying themselves up there. Meric had the truck rocker look going on while Logan wore a mustache well. Their music occasionally seemed stuck on the road-tripping theme, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I would crank up their music anywhere. As I watched, a couple almost took me out with their dancing before I moved for my life.

The Dodo’s music was so pleasantly loud that the plastic films from the lights above were pulsing from the vibrations. Meric had an arsenal of guitars of which he manned beautifully. On that note, I felt a little Jazz in the guitar plucking during their intensely blue moods. Towards the end of their set, there was a unique echo being applied to their microphones. Both the men were an excellent partnership. Their timing, flow and consistency were impeccable. Proof of that came from the crowd who were bobbing their heads with the tunes grinning. Even fans that became fans that night were talking away, as I lip-read them, of how good they were. They kept getting into this perfect rhythm that made me close my eyes and just jive. Each had great control over their loops or whatever they were using to make their two-person band sound like a rock orchestra. Was it the pedals? One song seemed like discordant noise, which abruptly turned into this beat driven jam that had people hollering with joy. I felt the symbols crashing all the while until they came to an immediate silence as they finished with a wave out to the crowd.

What a perfect way to start off the fall. I really could not have planned it out better than that. Give these guys a listen and go catch some of their musical madness. If you are looking for a fun duo to watch who also happen to provide stellar tunes, The Dodos are right for you. Have at it folks!


Jam On.




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