Single Premiere: ‘Help Your Self’ by GoodcaT


Well, funky is as funky do. If listeners are seeking that eternal musical bliss, they may be in luck. Today the new single, Help Your Self by funksters GoodcaT, has been released for music fans far and wide. The tune is catchy, uniquely arranged and of course offers some worthwhile funk for eager ears. To add onto the release front man, Nels Dovre, took some time to elaborate on the single.

The motivation was substantial and very descriptive. “Help Your Self came into being while I was getting kinda fed up with some roommate tensions that were going on at the time. Also, there was this social trend that really started picking up steam that I just could not ignore. All of the people that [had] put on this, ‘guru,’ guise. You probably know some of those individuals, who while their life is falling apart, feel the impulse to share their ‘enlightened’ advice [to] everyone around them. As I was pacing about my house trying to process my place in these social issues… and not wanting to fall in the same false guru trap, this bass line popped in my head and I couldn’t get it off my mind for the next couple days… I started focusing on developing the bass line and those issues were no longer an issue.”

Help Your Self has a specific theme within.“It has an accessible message: you are the only one who can help your self, and you won’t be successful helping anyone else until you do… It has a couple underlying messages as well… I hope you get it.” Fans all around will be sure to have their own internal reflection with this tune.

Musically, the single holds some powerful sway for Nels. “Help Your Self is my favorite song to listen to on the album. After the 18 month production process I still cannot remember a time that I grew tired of hearing it. The bass line is so strong and how the bass fits with the simple in-the-pocket drum vibe really sets the stage for all of the rhythmic interplay that takes place between the egg shaker, congas, and acoustic guitar. Then the electric is just the candy on top. Everything else is so interesting I almost completely forget about the vocals even being there!”



Bass riffs welcome the listener in a funky groove that hooks immediately. Soul-jazz folks would be pleased here. Catchy guitar licks follow and the song picks up. It is full steam ahead as pure funky vocals meet with that lingering wail to bring music fans into a vast trippy world. Instrumentation in between the vocals are wild, but not without some musical organization. There is a sense of distinct musical composition, precise and open, with each note of this single. While the tune remains mellow, intensity explodes throughout, especially in the middle. A mini jam session takes over further launching listeners into a new realm. Even if the vocals were not included this song would stand alone nicely within the genre at hand. Every bit of it is fascinating and will be sure to pique the interest of many.  

Jam on.