Song Review – Ray Hodge’s ‘Rise’


Hello there 2017, what have you got for us? Oh, Ray Hodge has those vibes all covered. Music lovers rejoice because right before the holiday season, the talented singer released a video cover of Katy Perry’s Rise and it does not disappoint. For folks watching the departure of many legendary moments that have begun to give way to the apprehensive  2017, Ray gives a glimmer of hope that is worthwhile all the way through. The spirit and energy in his voice gives the listener a new breath of fresh air and the confidence to go into the new year on the best foot possible. To give fans a better glimpse of this sudden piece of art, the man elaborated on his appreciation for the tune.

To start, this song in particular seemed like an apt choice given the overall tension around this new year. Ray went on to give the run down of its creative inception. “My manager and I always talk about the latest music and he knows I’m a fan of Katy Perry and he brought to my attention [that] she had released a song called Rise and I checked it out. I loved it and how powerful and empowering it was. It had that same theme to my EP ‘BraveHeart’ and [we agreed] I should cover it.”

However, Rise is not the only piece Ray would like to tackle. “[There are] so many! I want do a Sia cover and maybe a Bjork cover [along with artists like] Lady Gaga, Twenty One Pilots, Vaults, Paramore, Sarah Vaughn and Amy Winehouse. [There are] so many I can go on for days.” If his ambition and passion for Rise is any indication of his devotion, then music fans would more than happy to hear covers of any of those artists. Bring it on Ray, bring it on.

Ray also shared his favorite covers done by various other artists he admires. “[Some of these include] Sarah Vaughan’s – Lover Man, Sia’s  – IKO IKO , James Arthur’s – Impossible and Amy Winehouse’s  – Teach Me Tonight. So far that’s all I can think of at the moment.” Fine choices all.

Take a gander and a listen to Ray Hodge’s Rise below:

The song itself is greeted by Ray’s high scratchy voice that simply resonates. Listeners are captured almost instantly as the crescendo of the tune is built up. Life is strong here. His voice keeps all ears alive and well. Talk about pure soul. Ray has somehow managed to turn Katy’s song into a completely new animal and it truly has his own take on its musical roots. Even just watching Ray’s passion in the moment gives Rise additional support as a key element in the pop songbook. There are good vibes being felt for ages, rise up.

Jam On.