Spaces – Notes

The day I stumbled into Spaces, my ears changed forever.

His beats are solar-powered with funk and never get boring, mixing up genres like breakfast hash and always going the extra mile to find an extra tasty sample to crunch, delay, or soak in reverb.

His latest track, “Notes,” is a high-flying splatter of slinking electronic bliss, with glitchy personality intertwined beneath piano-rolled whispers of “I love you” and “woah.”

The track was released through the prema collective and people are already tuning in on Soundcloud (generally freaking out at how great it is).

I asked Spaces how the song started. “Notes actually came about fairly quickly. It felt like quite a natural process while working on it ” he said. “I actually find the song fairly hard to describe myself, though I guess it is a blend between future bass, old school dub and chill electronic music.”


To say that this is a summer jam would be naive. This is the first in a series of summer jams to come.


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