Sports – “Get Bummed Out”


Gambier, Ohio based pop punk band Sports formed at Kenyon College have just released an upbeat catchy emotion filled new single “Get Bummed Out” (which can be listened to below via SoundCloud) which will be on their upcoming album “All of Something” that is coming out on October 30th via Father/Daughter Records.

If you have ever fallen in love with someone but also wanted to kick the crap out of them at the same time because of the various quirks they have then this song is one you will resonate with pretty quickly. It has the charging rush that one feels when they first fall for someone, but isn’t hesitant to get into the gritty details of it not being perfect. Stereogum further describes it saying:

“Get Bummed Out” narrates the worst part about falling for a significant other, their personality quirks that make you want to bury them. “Waking up just to say your goodbyes/ Feign composure, but I know you lie/ I know you try, so hard, so so hard,” Perry introduces the song with a two-faced AM departure, and her complaints unravel from there.

If the rest of the upcoming album is anything like “Get Bummed Out”, we’ll probably be listening over and over to feel just how much we can relate.


Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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