Sultry Southern Blues in “Down in Georgia” by Daniel James Bixler

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I came across Daniel James Bixler on SoundCloud. Freshly uploaded less than fifteen hours ago, Bixler created “Down in Georgia” to invoke southern charm. Daniel James Bixler is an interesting artist on the rise. Last month, Bixler participated in a Song Challenge, posting eleven song-a-day entries. Numerous postings and uploads are available from 2015.

“Down in Georgia” by Daniel James Bixler

Track Review:

Specific picking techniques and spine-tickling piano keys grace the opening of this sultry southern jam. Bixler posted the lyrics for “Down in Georgia” so the listener can follow along. Georgia heat – heightened by human burdens – encourages the narrator to drink. His woman, though, is not distracted in her pursuit to nurture him. Bixler said, “My darling asks nothing of me. / Hands on my brow, wipes the sweat of the morning. / Don’t ask me about the midnights I burned / She knows I never knew peace, till I found her.” Southern heat is handled with southern style. American Blues and Classic Rock undertones melt together with Bixler’s smooth vocals. Why do his words make the listener feel so much? I checked out his blog to discover…Daniel James Bixler is a poet by nature. Bixler’s words invoke sensory imagery, literally creating the southern heat inside the mind – an R&B like pull with a Rhythm&Blues payoff.


No video is yet available for “Down in Georgia,” and no tour dates are listed. MTF. Bixler has one video from February 2015 posted on YouTube: “Smoke and Ash.” An at home recording, Bixler’s talent shines brightly through – his vocals demand attention.

Shout to Sources: SoundCloud, DanielJamesBixlerMusic, YouTube, @djbixlermusic


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