Summer Preview: Diane Birch


For those of you in NYC who need a sensation to make these sunny days last just a bit longer, look no further. I have a real treat for music fans to check out. A musician that has been on my radar for some time now has a residency this at Joe’s Pub. Who is this lovely musician you ask? Well, it is none other than the astonishingly gorgeous and powerful .

Fans who are not familiar with Diane are truly missing out on some special music. This songstress offers a taste of style that is simply divine. I first caught a listen of Diane a few years back and was immediately hooked. In fact, ever since iTunes Radio has entered the musical world, one of my favorite stations is dedicated to Diane and the discovery of similar artists in her realm.

Diane Birch 2

Her song, Rise Up, was partly how this obsession began. With the sudden sweet patter of the piano supported by some horns, we are introduced to the soulful voice of Diane. Her voice is silky smooth with a dash of a deep command that you can tell can be unleashed at a moment’s notice. Your spirit is lifted with her sermon and the music puts you in a better place. My favorite part is towards the end of the song where she loudly raises her voice to a long yelp of satisfaction. Listeners cannot help but feel good.

Her piano skills are substantial with a distinct rhythm and blues sound attached to it. I love the harmonies that often follow her songs like, Nothing But A Miracle. Even in this song there a country feel that is linked with the sudden twang in her voice which is fascinating to me. All the passion and power is a trademark of Diane’s. In her song Speak A Little Louder, the intro had me thinking of Bruce Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia. Almost immediately, Diane’s voice sends you off on another path. Listeners will be sure to bob their heads and close their eyes as Diane preaches to them. Poppy songs like, Tell Me Tomorrow, are just as thrilling to hear. Everyone needs a foot-tapper like this to walk down the city streets that lead to the roaring subways.

I could go on forever on why Diane is worth seeing live. However, you can go see her for yourself. Diane will be performing several shows at Joe’s Pub, the first of which will be on July 22nd, please get your tickets here. There will be a mix of old and new tunes, of which I am extremely excited for. It should be a spectacular experience. She will follow that show up with two more on August 12th and September 2nd. Catch her early folks, she will be sure to be bombarded with fans left and right all summer long. If you are still convinced, be sure to read my review to follow. I promise you will be impressed.


Jam On.