Suuns Track Review/Tour Dates

“Translate” by Suuns from Hold/Still:

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=3251650390 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=de270f tracklist=false artwork=small track=778538094]

1.  Track Review:

Industrial sounds follow the leading guitar direction in an intense confrontation of chaotic depth. BandCamp compared the album to a “universe of high tension.” Thinking in terms of mass-proportion: “A universe of resistance and surrender to all the hopelessness, anxiety and privilege of being self aware out here at the edge of history” (BandCamp). Breathless vocals linger on the edge, and the rising guitar tension builds the suspense. The Suuns are: Benjamin Shemie (vocals, guitar), Joseph Yarmush (guitar), Max Henry (keyboard), and Liam O’Neill (drums, percussion). Noting psychedelic sounds to have become a pop-rock deal, Nina Corcoran said, “…Suuns find krautrock in electronics and gloom in serendipity, yet they remain in control of the flux throughout for a full-course meal that’s as unsettling as it is worth returning to” (CoS). Suuns are not afraid to embrace the darkness, or sounds that make one uncomfortable. Corcoran said, “[Suuns] found a home in a world of weirdness and slow down the clock so it begins to look even weirder…” (CoS). Click HERE to read her full review.

2.  Album Release:

Hold/Still is available on BandCamp. The eleven track album is $10.00 or $1.00 per track. As always with BandCamp, one is able to donate more to further support the artist. Click HERE to purchase Suuns’ new album.

3.  Tour Dates:

Today, 26 April 2016, kicks off the Suuns tour schedule. They have thirty events planned. Click HERE to view their schedule and order tix through SongKick.


Shout to Sources: Consequence of Sound, BandCamp, SongKick


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