Tacocat Expressive Punk-Rock

“Talk” by Tacocat from Lost Time

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1.  Track Review:

Channeling punk-rock’s aggressive style, Tacocat has something to say about what is really going down – and they are pretty fed up! The vocals in “Talk” say: “Cause I wanna talk, talk until my throat hurts.” Noting that people watch their screens (cell phones, computers, game devices) instead of “talking” to another person in the material world. She says, “Stay true, true to your phone.” Tacocat wants to shake things up – maybe talk in person instead of on-screen. Mary Kate McGrath said, “Emily Nokes has a gem of a punk voice…Noke’s void is once again the star, and as [‘Talk’] unravels, she reaches a wild new power ” (CoS).

2.  Album Info:

Lost Time released 1 April 2016 and is available for purchase on iTunes and BandCamp. “I Hate the Weekend” and “Talk” are listed for listening on BandCamp. There’s a few different prices, depending on what style of selection you chose: Digital, Compact Disc, Cassette Tape, and Vinyl. Click HERE to view and purchase through BandCamp.

3.  Tour Dates:

Tacocat has an extensive tour scheduled for 2016, beginning this Thursday, 7 April at Turf Club in St. Paul, MN. Click HERE to view Tacocat’s Tour schedule and purchase tickets through SongKick.



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