Tangerine – “Tender”


Girl powered guitar pop band Tangerine have just put out a sun dappled single “Tender” (which can be listened to here via SoundCloud) that will be on their upcoming EP “Sugar Teeth” that comes out February 19th via Swoon Records.

The first thing I thought when listening to “Tender” is “Oh! This is a girl fronted version of a Kiss song!”. To be fair, the riffs are VERY reminiscent of 70’s Kiss. However, the overtones of the guitar and the obviously non-Paul Stanley vocals clearly give away that this is something new entirely. All that aside, this is a great tune to remind you of the warm sunny days that will be coming in several months after we get through the harshness of the coming Winter. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

“Of course garage-rock sister act Tangerine have a record coming out on a label called Swoon Records: the sprightly Seattle-based trio make weak-in-the-knees guitar pop that sounds like sunshine in a bag. We’re talking blissed-out surf riffs galore. “Tender” is the first single off Tangerine’s upcoming EP titled Sugar Teeth.”

“Tender” puts you right in the middle of summer even when it’s a long ways away. Check it out for yourself.

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