Tesha – “So Alive”


New York based up and coming electronic dream pop artist Tesha (also known as Neta Tia Elias) is about to premiere her entrancing debut single “So Alive” (which can be listened to here via Bandcamp), which is on her debut release “Dreams Vol. 1”. The single comes out independently December 3.

“So Alive” paints a picture of a relaxing shot of icy comfort being injected right into your soul. No longer do you have to care about the troubles and stress of every day living. Now it’s time for you to sit back, relax, and let the music drift you off to a place of delightful rest. Tesha’s press release goes into further detail, saying:

TESHA draws inspiration from vivid dreams, the American beat movement, and Japanese classical music in her latest creation Dreams Vol.1. Her musical influences trace back to the legendary Laurie Anderson and to the airy sounds of the great Kate Bush.

Tesha shows a lot of promise in her first single. Hopefully soon she can acquire a record label to assist in the release of “Dreams Vol. 1” because I am sure many people out there (myself included) would love to hear more.

Joshua Leep
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