Thomas D’Arcy Announces New Solo LP ‘Fooled You Twice’

Thomas D’arcy  will release his sophomore solo full-length album, Fooled You Twice, the first to receive a U.S. release, March 3 on Thomas D’Arcy Music/Maple Music.  D’Arcy is probably best known in the U.S. as the mastermind behind the pop outfit Small Sins, who released two albums on Astralwerks, 2006’s self-titled debut, and 2007’s Mood Swings, followed by a third full-length, Pot Calls Kettle Black, distributed through Arts & Crafts.

According to a press release “D’Arcy wants to reconfirm the faith in the creative possibilities of the three-minute pop song.” On the subject, D’Arcy says, “My approach has always been trying to exist in this area where pop meets non-pop.  I’ve written songs that have been eerie and ambient, and I’ve written songs built around shameless hooks. But the idea I keep coming back to is whenever pop music achieves this apex of creativity and commercial viability at the same time, that’s when it becomes something special. That’s when it becomes great art.”

Watch the video for his new single, “All Over Your Face”, below and pre-order his CD here or via iTunes.

Fooled You Twice track-listing:

01. Maybe I’m Wrong

02. My Friends Are The Best

03. All Over Your Face

04. Fooled You Twice

05. Get It From Me

06. If It Feels Right

07. Stronger Tomorrow

08. Part One

09. Right In Front Of Your Face

10. Work It Out




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