Track Review: “The End” by Sexy Fights Album release TMRW

“The End” by Sexy Fights

Track Review:

“The End,” released 13 January 2016, is just the beginning of Sexy Fights’ new album Too Far Out. Reminiscent of 1980s psychedelic outpouring of Pink Floyd, Sexy Fights toys with perspective and sound. Synthesized waves create a mind-bridge that lets one’s inner-being soar. Rumored to be “out of this world,” Too Far Out transcends basic rock genres. I’m not quite sure how to categorize their funk-rock brand because funky is not enough. With Jordan Rose Brzezinski’s vocals like steam-pipes of perfection, Sexy Fights soars above, taking modern-trance-rock to a whole new universe. Tweaked guitar riffs from Russell Augustine, and directed percussion by Bryan Hart support the vocals superbly as the listener twists through sexy space. Philip Shoemaker is responsible for the “sexy space” as his synthesizer, vocoder, and guitar become a spaceship. ChicagoSinglesClub said, “The spaceship is made out of keyboards, sequencers, samplers, effect modifiers, and all sorts of gear that you don’t often see in a rock band.” No wonder they named the album Too Far Out – the instruments are manipulated technology, a sound invention in it’s own right. Bravo! to Shoemaker for inventing his own device to properly express Sexy Fights’ harmonic art.


Album Set to Release:

Sexy Fights’ Too Far Out is set to release from FeelTrip Records on 4 March 2016, and is currently available for streaming with purchase through Consequence of Sound. Pre-ordering currently available for $10.00. Their new album features twelve tracks. “The End” is currently available on iTunes for $.99.


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