Tracks to Stream for Friday Night


5 Tracks for Friday

SoundCloud presents the option to listen to fresh, new music as it is uploaded by the artist. Here’s my picks for this Friday. Check them out, then head over to SoundCloud to find your own Friday Favorites. There is always the opportunity to discover underground or yet to be released sounds. For further connection to the artists {when available}, look for them on BandCamp to purchase, follow, and support the artistic community. The cool thing about BandCamp is purchasing through the website allows the audience to directly support the band….oh – and the vinyl. Definitely a cool feature:  bringing back vinyl sounds.

1.  “Here She Comes Again (with The Stands)” by Howie Payne –

Alternative rock paired with indie-rock and a glimpse at love’s momentum.

2.  “Lingerie & Candlewax” by Mayer Hawthorne –

Steam up Friday evening with smooth R&B tinged with funk.

3.  “Sunset” by Katie Miller –

Relate to Miller’s personal experiences with life and relationships, and never give up on the self or hopeful intentions. Click HERE for BandCamp link.

4.  “Hearts Adrift (feat. Dregas)” by Matt Byron –

Interesting vocals paired with irresistible beats, the guitar is heartfelt and weeps in sorrow. Click HERE for BandCamp link.

5.  “Unchain My Life” by Theodore Tulipe –

Electronic-rock with soulful flair and inspiring vocals.



Shout to Sources: SoundCloud, BandCamp