Carlson Announces Full-Length Debut – Never Easy Never Been Easier

Carlson, the Brooklyn-based engineer and producer best known for working with the likes of Cat Stevens and Ariel Pink, will release his debut, Never Easy Never Been Easier, next month.

The release’s 40 minute extended set was tracked in Greenpoint but inspired by Nicaragua. Specifically, a working/surfing trip where Carlson absorbed the “smooth boogie/jazzy” vibes of a nearby house party by day and sequenced beats in his cabana by night.

Luckily you don’t have to wait until June to find out what Nicaraguan, beachside smooth boogie-inspired beats sound like. You can head over to FACT now and check out “2” from Never Easy Never Been Easier. The full release will be available in digital and cassette on 6.23.15 (Driftless Recordings).


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