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532095_largePopular South Florida DJ, Kevens, has matured since his early days of spinning records in crowded urban nightclubs. Today, he is creating progressive conscious Reggae mixes by embracing and channeling his world-beat influences and personal growth. His music is promoting a theme of multiculturalism, pride, spiritual enlightenment, artistic expression and positivism.

He recently released his new single, “Bright and Beautiful,” to embrace the new year, and ignite new beginnings. The track is healthy dose of positive vibes, with meditative lyrics, titillatingly ascending bars and electro-dubstep. Unlike many artists of the genre, Kevens’ tracks are refreshingly non-repetitive and would appeal to a wider range of musical pallets, making it a great ambiance music from social mixes to study sessions.

Listen here : Kēvens | Music



Inner Wave – Mystery


Ovlov – Strokes


bloody/bath – Witch Hunt


Pina Palau – Jupi

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