Oddisee – “Counter-Clockwise”

Oddisee is rapper Amir Elkhalifa hailing from suburban Maryland but now based in Brooklyn. The rapper’s had a small but dedicated following since his studio debut in 2008 and just released another album back in May from Mellow Music Group called The Good Fight, a delirious blend of Hip hop, soul, and car-chase funk.

On “Counter-Clockwise”, Oddisee channels the same positivity-rap of Chance but with a more mellowed and international vibe that sonically bears resemblance with King Krule’s “Easy Easy.” Xylophones break open the track for Oddisee’s rap, while the crashing cymbals and echoing backup singers elevate the track into increasingly richer and more intricate territory. It’s music that reflects a feeling of content restlessness, maybe diasporic in nature. After all, “Counter Clockwise” has a traveling jazz band sound, feeling like an incandescent jam session at an oceanside bar, another night of breezy weather and friends. “But anger is your drive, and that there ain’t my map” raps Oddisee, preaching a different source of inspiration for creativity. It’s a sound advice, we can all afford to have a few less wrinkles.



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