Tralala Blip Industrial-Punk-Rock Love

“Oceans of Love” by Tralala Blip from Title Track Album

Track Review:

Melodic sounds wrap the listener in industrial mix while the whispered lyrics hauntingly share secrets. Skillful effects grant the track submersed, liquid waves of harmonic pleasure. Bob Baker Fish noted Tralala Blip’s sound as: “…a peculiar and difficult to pin down sound” (CyclicDefrost). Fish quoted Randolf of Tralala Blip who said, “By 1990, I was convinced that techno and industrial music was more punk rock than punk rock” (CyclicDefrost). Noisey staff from Vice listed the origins of Tralala Blip as: “Led by former member of Sydney hardcore band Massappeal Randolf Reimann…the five-piece formed in 2007 as a workshop for individuals with mental and physical disabilities” (Noisey). Tralala Blip is Mathew Daymond, Lydian Dunbar, Phoebe Rose, Zac Mifsud and Randolf Reimann. Click HERE to read Tralala Blip bios.

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Album Release:

Oceans of Love by Tralala Blip released 26 February 2016. The album and tracks are available on BandCamp, click HERE to purchase either digital download or limited edition cassette (of 100).

Band News:

Tralala Blip is performing in 2016. Click HERE to check out their local and German show listings.



Shout to Sources: BandCamp, Noisey, @TralalaBlip, Cyclic Defrost


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