Trip Hop/Dub Artist Forest Swords Releases Original Dance Score, “Shrine”

Haunting, ethereal, otherworldly, and exotic, “Shrine” breathes a life of its own and delves intimately into the mind, body, and spirit. It’s religious, spiritual, and yet not as much musical as it is a place to go to for self-exploration. Forest Swords’ Tumblr states, “Much of the show’s score is made up breath and body sounds, processed and sequenced to create claustrophobic sound world of texture and physical rhythm, before unfurling towards euphoric climax.” Chris from Gorilla vs. Bear calls it an “eerily ominous performance.” Watch the score loop HERE  and get the score download HERE.

Sources: Tumblr, Gorilla vs. Bear, The Boiler Room, Bandcamp, Facebook


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