Valerie Orth – Kickstarter Campaign

Valerie Orth – Kickstarter Campaign

Musicians are qualified business experts in 2019, that is a solid fact. Thanks to the world wide web and the popularity of streaming, there is no end in sight for how musicians can find individual success let alone an engaging audience. Many, if not all, are ambitious entrepreneurs with skills in marketing, data analysis and general self-management. Valerie Orth, a woman who is no stranger to Punchland (read here and here), is an example of one such musician utilizing all of those skills as well as understanding the value of crowdfunding. With the tool famously known as Kickstarter, she is attempting to create another album to add onto her continued collection of musical goodness!

Valerie Orth (VLO) is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer. She has been active in the space and has been writing her own original music for the past 13 years. Her genre consists of electro alt-pop tunes centered around the themes of love, the human condition, and fighting for individual beliefs. What’s not to like about that?

For this next endeavor in her career, Valerie has laid out the artistic journey that has given birth to another evolution in her craft. Most of these new songs came from her extensive writing adventure out in the Pacific Northwest last year. Isolation, was her push and the results gave her unique perspectives in relation to the wild nature that surrounded her during that time.

The prospective album includes fan-favorites such as; 99 Cent Dreams, Tourist in Nature and I Believe We Will Win. Plus a few songs that have never been played live before will grace the project. She remains especially excited about a fresh track called Fight For Love she just finished writing with her colleague, captivating soul singer/songwriter and back-up singer, Michael Inge.

Valerie will be promoting this campaign with a show this Friday, Live in BK, and it will be streaming live on Facebook (to the Orthlings, her entourage) and Instagram! As it is with all crowdfunding attempts, there are rewards aplenty from merchandise, to music lessons and more! Give it a watch and listen or better yet, go to the show for the full experience. Don’t forget to contribute as well here!

Jam on.

Give a listen to Valerie Orth’s full discography below to get hooked, you will be glad you did:

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Written by Myles Hunt

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