Video: Agoria – You’re Not Alone feat. Blasé

Following the release of his recent single ‘Embrace’, widely acclaimed producer and composer Agoria (aka Sebastien Devaud) reveals ‘You’re Not Alone’featuring Blasé (half of French act Haute), hailed by Agoria as “the perfect portrait of an open-minded generation.”

Directed by Latin Grammy Award winner Hernan Corera (“Best Director” in 2016 for his video ‘Gallo Negro’ for IKV) with Cornas & Cavia as co-directors, the video introduces a tribe bidding farewell to their young leader who passed hastily. The deceased’s girlfriend and his faithful comrade are appointed to assist him through his final trip.

During this funeral motorcycle trip through the desert, we discover the story that led them to this moment uncovering the strong and special links within the trio.

“Nobody is alone, even in the unknown country of death. Life never goes away. Memory, fraternity and hope are the doors that connect the territories of mystery.” says Hernan Corera. “That is why I wanted to tell the farewell of a leader, a journey under the halo of a magical ritual. The myth as the rite, is always the same. A man is all men. The duality of good and evil coexist within our spirit and is strengthened depending on the glass with which you look, that’s why this story and its characters really unfold depending on who sees it, our characters rule realms to explore. So whoever sees love at the same time can see another betrayal. Who sees death can also see birth.”


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