Video Review – FOXTRAX – ‘Underwater’


Ladies and gentlemen, with summer coming to a close, there is some new great music to jam out to. Alternative rock band FOXTRAX has released a captivating new video for their new single, Underwater. The video chronicles FOXTRAX’s singer Ben Schneid’s journey throughout the desert attempting to quench his thirst with his bandmates Jared and Jon Stenz. Unfortunately, the poor man suffers through several mirages that cause him anguish. Just take a look below:  

Immediately the song unleashes a pop-blues yet guitar lick that is the element that keeps the listener interested straightaway. Ben’s somber vocals enter and remain throughout with a solid drumbeat in the background. In the midst of all the confusion the catchy chorus enters and it is the heart of the song. Despite the obvious struggle of Mr. Schneid, the musical aspects of the song itself are uplifting. Optimism is present here. Every mirage and step is an ordeal that is equally matched with the ever longing ache in Ben’s voice. Listeners will easily be addicted to the song without a doubt. Watch until the end to get a chuckle to sweeten the deal.

To get into the mind of the video itself, the band gave their thoughts on it all. As far as the motivation went, they wanted to try something new. “We wanted to avoid doing something predictable like shooting a video underwater or something like that. So, when Ivanna Borin, our wonderful director, suggested the concept for the desert shoot, we were immediately intrigued by the irony of that. It seemed like the opposite of what you might expect and we thought that was awesome.”

The message behind the video is meant to be interpreted in as many ways as possible from the viewer and listener. “We would hesitate to tell people what message they should take from the video. We definitely believe in the power of the abstract. We would bet that if you sampled people at random they would all take something different away from the song and the video and we want to encourage that sort of thinking.”

Musically, their favorite part of this tune was easy to pick out. “The bridge is definitely a really interesting part of the song to us. It creates this bedroom moment that is really intimate, which is such a stark contrast to the rest of the song. I think it’s really emotional and it’s super enjoyable to play!”

If the video and music wins listeners over, then their live performance will just add onto it all. Music fans should take an earful of FOXTRAX and finish up the summer right. With fall right around the corner, what better way to welcome it with a smile and a bob of the head to some catchy tunes?

Jam On.