Video Review: “Sunrise Mary” by The Majorleans

There is one sure way to get down with the September groove and that is with some new fall blues. What better way to accompany some stellar tunes than with a fun video? Luckily, Rockers The Majorleans, comprised of musicians Nick Francis and Chris Buckle, have unveiled their latest video sensation, Sunrise Mary, to satisfy that need. Give it a watch below and enjoy:

From the start, an evening highway ambiance brings the listener and viewer to a scene with a lonely woman patiently waiting on a stoop. Somber and smooth guitar chords slide in a unique pairing with the intriguing face of the woman in question as she smokes in silence. Her daydreaming stare seems to linger and be in sync with the music to add onto the surreal nature of the urban setting. When a gentleman caller comes to pick her up, slick indie vocals reminiscent of a folk-blues anthem is unleashed. Even the bridge of the song has a rock oriented transition that blends in perfectly with the blues. Listeners will also be sure to note the ever-present, and pleasant,  blues guitar licks playing in the background. With no words shared among the protagonists in the story, the music speaks for it all. In the end, everyone wants to hang with Sunrise Mary, simple and sweet.

Mr. Francis gave a little more depth on the motivation for this special piece. “We were really excited when this song came together and thought it had the potential to bring a visual narrative to life around it. I wrote a treatment and it seemed to flow out in a way that was both vague and relatable and felt right for the song. I have been wanting to do something with Chrissy Business (the female lead) for a while too, she isn’t an actor necessarily by trade, but she has a spooky look on camera and gave a cool performance.”

As far as the overall theme of the story, it is meant to be be open to interpretation. “[There was] no specific message really. [We] just wanted to paint some visceral broad strokes of some characters in a situation that felt familiar but also exhilarating. Kinda like the song I guess. Kinda like life I guess.”

As a tune, there has to have been some favorite parts for these musicians to make this musical adventure come to life. “…Probably the guitar line that Chris Buckle wrote and played. We are both big fans of Peter Green and he was channeling some of that vibe for sure. We were struggling a bit trying to arrange the song I had written and I got a baseline going around the melody and Chris just started playing that guitar line and it was instant magic.” Not only is it a great lick, is it heard over and over again in the song and makes it well-rounded through to the final chords.

This song and video is sure to pique many a listener’s interest. For those who fall into that category, go discover The Majorleans and enjoy!

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