Video/Track Review: Michael P Cullen – Do You Believe


I was first notified by a friend of my mine about Michael P Cullen and his “Nick Cave” vibes… but unlike the notable godfather of warped sadness I just mentioned, Cullen seems to have a darker, yet stronger optimism.

His latest single, “Do You Believe,” asks an age-old question: do you believe in love? However cliche it sounds, this song is a testament to the power of genre-mixing and overall “fuck you I make my music my way” listenability. The song starts with a whimper of Blackstar era Bowie and ends like a Smashing Pumpkins song. Weird right?

There’s nothing here to say because I really like this song, but the video debuted alongside the single itself, and it’s worth the watch too. It stars Morgane Housset, who shows great emotional range regardless of the setting (mostly a train car) and was directed by Graham Gall for Jarbo Productions. Gall edited the video as well, which has a certainly resemblance to the latest season of Twin Peaks. In other words, damn fine video.

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