Walter TV Drop new Album “Blessed”


“Music should speak for itself. It should come from wherever and whatever is available” and that is exactly what Walter TV has tried to uphold throughout their career. Slightly old school the contemporary nomadic group( they never seem to settle down in one location) prefers tape recording to digital, they have also been reputed to have not only lived, but recorded through some pretty harsh and adverse environments such as a “haunted” and beetle infested home which has added to their DIY sensibilities. However through thick and thin alike Walter TV has just announced the release of their amazing new album “Blessed” out June 23rd on Sinderlyn . TheBands new singe “Surf metal” is located below. The band is also soon going on tour with Wand and SXSW.

Appetite, recorded in a small apartment in Montreal, is filled with quavering squalls and guitar spasms; it’s the kind of record that threatens to lure you into an awesome, shamanistic frenzy throughout its 10 tracks.” -The Wild Magazine

If you are digging Walter TV’s punky riffs and peppy instrumental sound with a rock twist make sure to check out their tour trailer  here!