Weyes Blood – “Cardamom”



New York based Celtic/medieval folk rock artist Natalie Mering under her guise Weyes Blood has released a new single “Cardamom” from her upcoming four song EP “Cardamom Times” which will be out on October 15th via Mexican Summer.

The song’s intro which carries into the verse is a very delicate sounding finger plucked acoustic chord progression. Honestly I would have been happy just listening to that for the four and a half minute duration of the track, but then Mering’s soft soothing vocals came in and my heart just melted in sheer joy. The sheer talent showcased by the simplistic beauty of the song was really something else to me. Add in the Jethro Tull-like flute playing later on and I was completely sold on “Cardamom”. Pitchfork further described the song saying:

What Mering does is create pastoral folk music steeped in tradition but unmoored from history, knowledgeable of the past (there’s even a flute solo) but grounded in the inescapable present.

The track can be listened to below as well as downloaded when you pre-order the EP from Bandcamp here.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhn6m7AHRmc]