Whoever dvsn is…he Sure can Lay a Track

“Too Deep” by dvsn from Sept. 5th

Track Review:

Ryan Dombal noted dvsn’s elusiveness as pure – or not a publicity tactic – he said, “It understands that, in the face of digital endlessness, restraint is just as important as creation” (Pitchfork). yes…but who is dvsn??? Click HERE to read Dombal’s full article. Jasmina Cuevas said, “According to Rap-up, people have speculated that dvsn is made up of Nineteen85 and Daniel Daley, a T-Dot singer, but can’t get a straight answer: [Gueezy quoted] ‘OVOSound signed dvsn, nobody really knows who is behind the voice. It’s a complete mystery’” (MusicTimes). Click HERE to read Cuevas’ full article.

The restraint Dombal refers to appears in dvsn’s track, “Too Deep.” Dvsn’s relationship with music is much like the intimate proceedings of dealing with a lover. Dombal said, “Sept. 5th uses contemporary sounds to explore the positive and meaningful aspects of carnality” (Pitchfork). Indeed… the lyrics go: “Don’t make me pull out, right where I’m supposed to be. I just wanna go down…” Dvsn grants the sex-act greater meaning than physicalities alone, Dombal said, “[Serious sex-acts] …can make you see things that aren’t there…” (Pitchfork).

Album Info:

Sept. 5th released 27 March 2016 and includes ten full length tracks such as “Too Deep,” “Sept. 5th,” “Hallucinations,” and “Angela.”



Shout to Sources: Pitchfork, SoundCloud, Music Times


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