William Ryan Fritch’s New Album Available to Stream


William Ryan Fritch’s fifth and latest album, Revisionist, is now available to stream in full length on TuneIn. The album is available for purchase February 10th via Lost Tribe Sound; pre-order here!

It wasn’t until just a few years ago that the composer learned to read sheet music, explaining his unique recording ability of putting sounds together. His style stems from untraditional composing methods and a strong willed lack with integrating others into his music. With this, his aesthetic employs just a bunch of raggedy, second-hand instruments for which he always manages to innovate alternate contexts. Fritch’s sound has evolved as he continues to grow as an artist, pushing his boundaries and involving collaborations beyond his own fragile, flexible voice. Most recently, he’s collaborated with Benoit Pioulard, D.M. Stith, Origamibrio, and Esme Patterson with his release of Revisionist. Needless to say, he is here to stay.

Listen to Revisionist below.