Winter – “All the Things You Do”


LA based guitarist Samira Winter and her band Winter have just premiered their new single “All the Things You Do” (which can be listened to below via YouTube), a 90’s grunge tinged song that is the first track they have released on their new label Burger Records.

“All the Things You Do” is a hypnotic mesmirizing track that makes you feel like you are in an octopus’s garden. It has a great deal of grunge/shoegaze elements as part of its make-up that adds enough guitar punch however to give it some real presence that other such relaxing and psychedelic songs might not give you otherwise. Noisey goes into further detail, saying:

LA guitarist Samira Winter writes gaping love songs that stretch out slowly like yoga for your brain. The way Winter bookends their shoegazey numbers like “All the Things You Do” with grungy anchors is heavy enough to sink to the bottom of a pool. This track is the band’s first single from Burger Records, but follows the last year’s LP Supreme Blue Dream out via Lollipop. Prepare for big feelings and check out the tone-drenched video.

“All the Things You Do” is indeed a song of many layers that can be appreciated for its complexity.


Joshua Leep
Joshua Leep
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