Yelle out as if you are “Complètement Fou”

You don’t need to know French to be able to enjoy electro pop group Yelle’s new club ready remix with it’s industrial sounding undertones”Moteur  Action” by Sophie and A.G. Cook. Which will be part of Yelle‘s recently released third album “completement fou” now out on Kemosabe records. For those of you who don’t know French here is a crash course- the title of Yelle’s new album when translated means ” completely crazy”. The title complements the albums theme which like many French songs may seem blithe at first but actually has a darker side to them, an example being the bands new song Florence en Italie” which was inspired by Stendall Syndrome. It also upholds  Yelle’s unusual style and the bands only set rule which is “to do things that we love,” which leads us to remember that sometimes what we love may be far from the norm and may seem crazy or make us act out in a crazy manner.

yelle 2

Yelle originally named Yel an acronym for “you enjoy life” was quickly changed by the exuberant, feminized, Francofied shout”Yelle” which the duo Julie and Jean Francoise have taken for a moniker. I believe that the name evolution suits them perfectly and will have fans on the West Coast yelling for them soon enough as the duo  plan to do a West coast tour before they preform at Coachella.

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