Young Guv-Ripe 4 Luv


So who exactly is Young Guv aka Ben Cook? Performer, singer, songwriter, style icon, he does it all. As of now Young Guv is still considered an underground artist, however he has already ghost written for the likes of Sum 41, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, etc. Young Guv is true to his art (he wouldn’t even accept edits to his tunes from Katy Perry) and his versatility knows no bounds; and it shows not only in his music, but also the manner in which Young Guv has worked with big time artists and no name punk acts alike.

Young Guv has recently come out with a new album Ripe 4 Luv, with the label Slumberland Records. The album itself is beautifully recorded and though it is labeled as following the pop genre, I found that the album especially the song “Crushing sensation” had a retro rock feel to it.

You can now stream Ripe 4 Luv on Spotify! The official Album release date will be March 10th,2015