Can You Believe “Young Folks” is Turning 10

When Gossip Girl premiered on Sept. 19, 2007, it kicked off with a perky drumroll and some breezy whistling. By this point, those drums and that whistling had been overexposed to the point of cliché, having appeared in episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother within the previous year, not to mention on the radio and at the store and in the bar. It may actually have become a part of the atmosphere for a while there. This was one of those singles that popped up everywhere, and by virtue of its ubiquity it became a theme song for a moment in time. It should be noted that “Young Folks” was not the only hit on Peter Bjorn And John’s 2006 album Writer’s Block. It was not the only song from the project to appear in a commercial. It wasn’t even the best song, probably.

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Via: “Young Folks” Turns 10


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