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Portraits from Pskov, Russia with

To see more portraits from Dima’s daily encounters with the people of Pskov in northwestern Russia, follow on Instagram.

Dima Markov ( doesn’t setup his pictures, but he is always ready to make a photograph. “I nearly never plan the photos,” he says. “I am just walking down the streets looking around for the interesting scenes. This happens unconsciously, even on the bus I automatically pick a place that works the best for watching the space and the people.”

Dima lives in the northwestern city of Pskov, Russia, where he works with disabled children and volunteers for organizations providing support services to orphans. Dima describes his own childhood as directionless until he discovered his passion for journalism at age sixteen. Now also a professional photographer, Dima focuses on documenting the social issues close to his heart. His Instagram account features powerful portraits of the ordinary people he encounters everyday in places like the railway stations and street markets. “I like photographing the elderly, the homeless and the street kids,” Dima says. “I want to show how beautiful and unique they are.”