The Ultimate List of Terminology and Examples of Plot Holes in Film

This is the defining plot hole terminology resource you’ll ever need. You’ve got the biggest offenders on this list:
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
The Dark Knight Rises
The Butterfly Effect
The Matrix
Ocean’s Eleven
The Avengers
Star Wars
And more.

“#4) Unrealistic Event:
An event or attribute of a movie which goes beyond a reasonable suspension of disbelief.

Perhaps the closest to actual plot holes, those events in movies that really take you out of the film and make you say “No way could that happen”. They don’t necessarily violate any scientific or cosmic law, but they certainly are difficult to take seriously. These events might include a character surviving several gun shot wounds, a ridiculously high fall, or a catastrophic car accident. These are the events where you might say “Theres a 99.9% chance that wouldn’t happen in real life.” – But hey, it’s gotta be 100% to be a plot hole.”

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Lunar Isles – In Any Other


Inner Wave – Mystery


Ovlov – Strokes


bloody/bath – Witch Hunt

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